Payments approved for monitor for Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office

PHOENIX - Officials have approved $1.7 million in annual costs for a court-appointed official who will monitor whether the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office is complying with changes ordered by a judge in a racial profiling case.

The expenditure was approved Wednesday by the county's Board of Supervisors.

Robert Warshaw and his team were picked last month by the judge who concluded Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office has systematically racially profiled Latinos in its immigration and regular traffic patrols.

Arpaio's office has appealed the ruling.

The changes ordered by the judge include installing video cameras in hundreds of patrol vehicles and carrying out additional training to ensure officers aren't making unconstitutional arrests.

The sheriff's office estimated the costs of complying with the court's changes at $21 million over the next year and a half.

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