Paul Penzone launches another TV ad attacking Sheriff Joe Arpaio

PHOENIX - Democratic candidate Paul Penzone for Maricopa County Sheriff has launched a second television ad attacking Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The ad is already on YouTube and, according to Penzone spokeswoman Stacy Pearson, will be hitting the airwaves on Valley TV stations by this coming weekend.

Pearson told ABC15 the script for the ad was written based on the facts from a sexual abuse case in El Mirage in 2007.

The case was also documented in Bill Louis' book published earlier this year titled "If There Were Any Victims..."

Pearson claims the father of a 6-year-old girl found his daughter on the living room floor with her 38-year-old uncle hovering over her.

The father, according to Pearson, called 911 believing his daughter had been molested.

Pearson said the case was ultimately forwarded to MCSO's Special Victims Unit, but investigators never followed up on the initial report.

"Mommy told me there were a lot of kids like me that Sheriff Joe didn't help," the voice in Penzone's ad is heard saying.

Penzone himself appears near the end of the spot to say, "Children are our most precious assets. This will never be tolerated under my watch."

Chad Willems, Campaign Manager for Sheriff Arpaio, released the following statement to ABC15"

"To suggest that Sheriff Arpaio doesn't care about children or the victims of any and all crimes is unbelievable....and that Penzone would stoop to using a child to further his political aspirations is shameful."

Penzone also released an ad last month which criticized Sheriff Arpaio for investigating President Barack Obama's birth certificate.

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