Owners of The Attic forced to apologize after manager apparently ridicules customer on Facebook

PHOENIX - Whoever said "no publicity is bad publicity" probably came up with that before social media evolved.

"It's just not right," said Mike Shaldjian.

Mike and MoniQue Shaldjian love checking out local restaurants.

"It never had to get to this point," said MoniQue.

Thursday night, the couple didn't love their experience at "The Attic" in Phoenix.

"I ordered a burger and asked for it medium and I told the waitress because I like it pink inside," said Mike.

When Mike's burger came back well done, he let his server know.

"She immediately became defensive," he said.

The manager took the burger off the bill, Mike and MoniQue ate, paid and left. Mike said on their way out the server made this comment: "We don't need your kind, you're not welcome back."

MoniQue post a "tip" on Foursquare, a social app that allows users to check-in at various places and leave recommendations.

"Beware if you have an issue with your food," she wrote. She thought that would have been the end of it.

"And so the next morning I receive a tweet from The Attic saying 'please and thank you, we don't need your business', said Mike.

And MoniQue said one of the restaurant's manager's then posted a comment onto his Facebook page.

"He had posted a picture of me he had taken from my profile picture from my Facebook page, put it on his with a caption that basically said some douchebag shouldn't be allowed out in public and is 86'd from The Attic," according to MoniQue.

"I was furious. Absolutely furious," said Mike.

A lot of people appear to be too.

"I know that our reach has been well over 200,000 people across the country," said MoniQue.

Which just goes to show, what you post on social media can be more important than what you say in person.

"Everybody has to be careful about what they say and who they're targeting, whether your page is private or not," she says.

"The Attic" sent an apology letter to Mike and MoniQue Tuesday evening:

Dear Monique,

As the owners of The Attic thank you for bringing the matters you did to our attention.

Again, we want to sincerely apologize to both you and your husband for not only what you experienced last week in our restaurant, but also for what subsequently followed on social media via our General Manager's personal Facebook account. That conduct was unacceptable and will be punished.

This was an unfortunate, isolated incident following one of the best reviews we have ever received when we were ranked "5th Best Burger in the US" and "10th Best Burger in the World" by Theburgerguide.com . We are a local business that has prided itself on providing thousands of experiences the opposite of what took place with you and your husband.

Additionally, in light of what has happened, we will be holding an upcoming customer relations training session for all employees on how to better meet and serve our customer needs. While we believe in our quality service, any business can do better and that is what we will strive to do after this incident with you.   

Again, we hope you will accept our sincere apologies. 

With appreciation and sincerity,

Cary and Ivan Morrow, owners of The Attic  

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