Officials will be cracking down on boater safety and sobriety this weekend

PHOENIX - Officials will be looking to enforce current boating safety laws this weekend during a multi-agency effort that includes cracking down on boaters under the influence.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department is part of the effort aiming to remove impaired boaters from the Colorado River and one or more central Arizona lakes this weekend, according to a news release.

This enforcement effort, Operation Dry Water, involves 48 states and aims to increase awareness about operating under the influence (OUI) and the consequences for doing so.

Efforts will take place at a variety of sobriety checkpoints throughout the weekend that will be strictly enforcing the .08 Blood Alcohol Content.

Since a large number of boating incidents occur with alcohol as a factor, Operation Dry Water will make the waters safer for everyone.

At the checkpoints, officials will also be checking for safety equipment and devices to ensure overall safety for those on the water. Make sure you are equipped with proper life-saving devices, fire extinguishers and other implements.

Agencies involved in Operation Dry Water believe that the high number of agencies involved will make the undertaking easier and they will be able to enforce more, according to the news release.

"The penalties of watercraft operation and/or driving a vehicle while impaired are almost the same in the state of Arizona, which many people do not know," said Kevin Bergersen, Arizona's boating law administrator, in the news release.

Boating responsibly is an important commitment, not only during this weekend, but on every occasion.

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