New tool helping keep Phoenix firefighters safe

To say it's hot outside doesn't even come close to what firefighters face. But fire crews have a new weapon on their hands to help combat the hot temperatures.

"When we put this device that we have from core control on our hands, it amplifies the heat exchange in our palms by five times so we can cool off our core directly and not have to go through our skin," said firefighter Luke Anderson describing the new tool.

Weighed down by 60 pounds of gear, firefighter Mike Zepeda and dozens of others headed into a mulch fire Friday afternoon, at the hottest time of the day.

"The hottest day of the year doesn't stop days like this, we still have to come out here and perform," said Zepeda.

When temperatures get this extreme, firefighters can't be out on the front lines for very long.

Every 30 minutes they're rotated out to recover at rehab stations. Each one, equipped with food, water and ice.

Zepeda estimates he drinks around one gallon of water every thirty minutes when battling a fire.

Officials told ABC15 one firefighter at the mulch fire was taken to the hospital for heat related injuries. Crews say he is doing much better.

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