New police training video cuts out portions of SB 1070 enforcement

PHOENIX - Governor Jan Brewer, earlier this month, ordered a state board to redistribute a training video on SB 1070 to all law enforcement agencies.

The video was to help educate officers on the new law.

Now, instructors are being told to skip-over certain sections based on Monday's Supreme Court's decision that struck down three parts of the controversial Arizona law.

The Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board's video outlined factors that constitute reasonable suspicion that someone is in the country illegally, including language, demeanor and foreign-vehicle registration.

It also included types of identification that should immediately end an officer's suspicions about immigration status.

Some of those clips will no longer need to be viewed, but, as of Monday, were still included on the actual training video.

"POST will be distributing additional information concerning the court's opinion, if appropriate… within 30 days," Executive Director Lyle Mann wrote in a letter to agency heads.

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