Navy Yard shooting: Veteran in the Valley familiar with shooting scene

PHOENIX - Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser was a lieutenant commander in the United States Navy.

Jasser spent time on naval bases around the world, including the Navy yard where the mass shooting happened.

"There are very few naval personnel that don't spend some time at the Navy Yard," Jasser said.

Jasser said security there and at other bases in the U.S. isn't as tight as you might think.

"You know, we think of a military base as being a contained operation, like a base would be abroad in an area near a conflict, but it's really not," he said.

Jasser said there are parts of the bases that are secured where people have to show identification to get in.  But, he points out, a contractor would have no problem getting through.

"Someone who's intent on killing people and then doesn't care about killing himself, it's almost impossible to prevent that with our current security systems," he said.

Systems Jasser said leave most military personnel on base unarmed.

"Unfortunately, we're finding that our military, other than the police, are unarmed.  Our bases do not carry weapons," Jasser said.


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