More people in Valley signing up for fearful flying class in light of the missing Malaysian plane

PHOENIX - As the search continues for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, it seems more people who are afraid to fly are looking for help in easing their concerns.

"I've had people who haven't flown in 31 years attend my class," said retired airline pilot Ron Nielsen.

Nielsen, with 41-years experience in the cockpit, has moved to the cabin to ease concerns for people who are afraid to fly.

Nielsen's course, FearlessFlight , has seen a sharp increase in interest since the Malaysia Airlines jet vanished.

"Part of it is visibility and awareness of the classes and the other part is truly the fear is always there, but the Malaysia crash or incident was a trigger," said Nielsen.

Nielsen said he's seen a wide range of people attend the classes which actually includes going through the boarding process and sitting on a plane.

"In the research I've done since the classes started, I've learned 65% of all fearful flyers are between the ages of 19 and 39," said Nielsen. "Fear of flying is not about the numbers, it's not about logical, rational thought, some of my clients are some of the brightest bulbs in the pack, it's because we over think, it's an over-thinking problem.

The retired captain has conducted the classes since 1987 helping thousands of people.

Nielsen plans to soon unveil an online course to compliment his classroom course and on-board session.

"I've had people who have driven to the airport only to turn around because seeing the planes and the airport were too much, that's ok and that's what I'm here for, to break that thinking," said Nielsen.

His next class is April 19. To learn more, visit the FearlessFlight website.


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