Moore family shooting: Family, friends hold benefit car wash for family shot, killed in Phoenix home

PHOENIX - Family members and residents of a local Phoenix community, where a family and their two dogs were brutally gunned down last week, came out Saturday to get their cars washed and help raise money.

The Moore Family Memorial Car Wash was held Saturday at the Church of the Nations near Central Avenue and Bethany Home Road in Phoenix.

"It just goes to show you never know when it's your time, you never know," said Pat Riley, a brother of one of the victims, Michael Moore. "Even though a week's gone by I just feel shocked and in disbelief."

Authorities said that 17-year-old Shannon Moore, 36-year-old Renee Moore, 42-year-old Michael Moore, and 66-year-old Bruce Moore were found shot to death inside their townhome near 17th Avenue and Hazelwood Street Saturday, Oct. 26.

Police named 56-year-old Michael Dante Guzzo as the gunman. He lived next door to the Moore family. Police found Guzzo's body in his townhome. They said he died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

"Theres no excuse for what the man did. He had plenty of opportunity to go out and get help," Riley said. "To just be ambushed like that is just such a tragedy."



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