Modest Needs charity: Helping those with hard times

PHOENIX - A Valley woman knows what it is like to come face to face with the possibility of being homeless. 

What was most devastating for her is that it was a relatively small amount of money that she needed to change her life.

Sherry Pacino moved to Arizona about a year ago. She ended up trying to take care of her sick mother and had health problems of her own. She then lost her job.

She got behind on her utilities bills by about $800.

"It is just that little bit that can change things," she said. "You end up with late fees and choices what you are going to pay and it keeps piling up from there."

She turned to a website called .

Applicants are screened and their stories checked out.

Most of them are looking for a few hundred or couple thousand dollars to get over a hard time.

Donors can read each story, and decide for themselves who they want to give to.

You can also see the progress of the request as time passes.

For Sherry it was a modest need that forever changed the path of her life.

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