Mirabella management makes 'minimum payment' to Phoenix to return water service to residents

PHOENIX - A Valley apartment complex made a partial payment Friday to the City of Phoenix to hopefully return routine water service to residents who have been without water for several days, city officials said.

Residents at the Mirabella apartment complex near Interstate 17 and Camelback Road have been without water for days because the management, according to the water company, owes roughly $50,000. Until that bill is paid, faucets and showers would remain dry.

Thursday night, city officials agreed to provide water to residents for an additional week.

Ken Kroski, spokesman for the City of Phoenix Water Services Department, said a property representative made a "minimum payment" Friday and said two additional payments would be made next week.

"The City is hoping that the two payments constitute a good-faith effort that would result in continuing water service to apartment residents," Kroski said in an emailed statement.

City officials told ABC15 that they had been trying to reach the owners for six months through phone calls, the mail, physically visiting the complex and posting signs around the property.

Unfortunately, the residents were caught in the middle.

"It's terrible. I have to go to work, but we can't shower, we can't use the toilets, we can't even clean," said new resident Ira Savely.

Savely and his roommate just moved into the apartment days ago, unaware they were moving into a hornet's nest ready to explode.

When Savely turned on his faucet nothing came out.  

"Aggravation, I can't clean, I can't keep anything going. I'm lost," said a frustrated Savely.

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