Meetings held to study October Maricopa County Sheriff's Office crime sweep

PHOENIX - The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office hosted a community meeting, but almost no one showed up. The topic was about October's crime sweep, which critics say targeted Latinos.

The meeting was held in Litchfield Park Saturday morning. Although officials say Litchfield Park is technically in the same district, it's several miles from where the crackdown took place.

Only one community member was present at the open meeting.

Sheriff's deputies say they don't know why attendance was practically nonexistent.

"Not quite sure," said Captain Edward Lopez. "We released it to the media for announcement, we placed it on our website. It is the first time in this mechanism, so hopefully we'll build from here."

Last month, Sheriff Joe Arpaio called for a crime suppression operation in the area where one of their detention officers – Jorge Vargas – was gunned down in his driveway . Fifteen-year-old Leonard Moreno was later arrested for his murder .

The operation lasted two days, and resulted in over 400 people questioned, and dozens of arrests.

While turnout was low for the sheriff's event, at least 100 people showed up for another meeting in downtown Phoenix about the crime sweep. This forum was hosted by the Hispanic Group, "Somos America."

Experts were on hand talking with the community about last month's crime sweep, and how life will be different for Hispanics with the sheriff's new court-ordered monitor.

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