Medical marijuana users may have to give up their guns

PHOENIX - Medical marijuana users are being taken by surprise with the latest move by the federal government on legalized marijuana.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms released a letter to gun owners and sellers reminding them that any "unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance" can't buy, sell, trade, ship, or possess guns, even if it's legalized by the state for medial use.

"I never saw this coming, this is definitely a curve ball I never saw them taking people's rights to bear arms away," said Sunny Singh, who runs "We Grow" in Phoenix.

Singh was prescribed marijuana for chronic muscle spasms. Not only does he hold a medical marijuana card, he's also an avid gun collector.

"I have a lot of guns, I like to collect guns and if it's going to be an issue, I think I'll need to talk with my lawyer and see what he has to say," said Singh.

Singh, like many other medical card holders and gun owners, feels the letter is unfairly targeting medical marijuana users.

"If I was on any other prescription would that also disallow me to bear arms I just think it's ridiculous," said Singh.

"The federal government doesn't check to see if you're on any other prescription medication or controlled substances," agreed James Goulding, another medical marijuana card holder and gun owner. "They shouldn't check if you're on marijuana."

Goulding was prescribed medical marijuana to help ease the chronic pain from having his leg crushed in a motorcycle accident.

There is so much scar tissue inside, you can hear Goulding's knee crackle and pop as he bends it.

"The type of medication a person is taking should have no bearing on their ability to maintain and bear arms, that right was given to us in our constitution," said Goulding.

As for what they'll do next, both medical marijuana patients say they will fight for their rights.

"I'm not willing to give them up and anyone who tries to take them from me will not get them willingly," said Goulding.

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