Marriage equality: Hundreds voice support for same-sex unions in downtown Phoenix

PHOENIX - A few hundred people took to the streets of downtown Phoenix Tuesday to support gay marriage.

The group included two men who got married in Seattle last week where gay marriage is recognized.

"We want people to see that love is marriage, and something two people share," said Bob Blankenberg who wore a sign saying "My Husband" with an arrow pointing towards his partner.

That couple was joined by many others, gay and straight, who believe the time has come to recognize same-sex unions and all the issues that come with it including custody, inheritance and immigration.

This is all happening because the US Supreme Court is considering the issue , drawing thousands of people to Washington DC. They believe the court of public opinion is moving in their favor.

"The public is turning our way towards tolerance and acceptance," said Phoenix City Councilman Tom Simplot.

The march went only a few blocks, and lasted just a few minutes, but his group thinks they are making great strides in their fight for equality.

It will take a few months to see if the high court agrees.

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