Marissa DeVault trial: Woman accused of killing her husband breaks down in court

PHOENIX - Testimony continued Wednesday in the case of a woman accused of killing her husband with a hammer. 

Jurors watched hours of Marissa DeVault’s interrogation video. 

She was interviewed just hours after the alleged crime, yet at times in the video she’s seen laughing.

In the video, DeVault tells her first story, saying she woke up to her husband choking her and screamed out for help.

“And then, the next thing I see is I saw the hammer go into Dale’s head,” DeVault said in the video.

At that point she claimed it was the couples’ roommate who hit Dale Harrell with the Hammer. It’s clear in the interrogation the detective doing the questioning wasn’t buying it.

“Marissa, this thing is not adding up,” the detective said.

Then prosecutors took a break from the video to hear more testimony.  The neurologist who tried to save Harrell’s life took the stand. As he described Harrell’s injuries, DeVault broke down, sobbing openly in court. 

Jurors were asked to leave the room and were eventually sent home for the day. The judge appeared angry, telling attorneys that it won’t happen again.

“This case is five years old, and we are going to continue to proceed,” Judge Roland J. Steinle III said.

Testimony continues Thursday morning. Jurors will view the remainder of the interrogation and it’s possible Allen Flores will take the stand. Flores is the prosecution’s key witness to the state’s theory DeVault killed her husband for the insurance money.

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