Marissa DeVault trial update: Murder testimony focuses on graphic crime scene pictures

PHOENIX - Monday marked the first full day of testimony in the Marissa DeVault case. The woman accused of killing her husband has already been compared to Jodi Arias, and what jurors learned in court made that comparison even more clear.

"Some smeared blood on her hands, on both hands. And it looked like she had the same type of smeared blood on her forehead," said Gilbert Police Officer Clint Cobbett when asked to describe how DeVault looked when he got to the crime scene.

Investigators said they found blood on DeVault and all over the bedroom where she's accused of murdering her husband. Despite the graphic way DeVault's husband's life ended, DeVault herself remained relatively unscathed.

"Did you observe any physical injuries?" Cobbett was asked by DeVault's attorney.

"I did note some reddening, just a slight bit of reddening on her neck," Cobbett said.

Jurors were shown photos of DeVault to demonstrate that reddening, but it was hard to see. Photos of her hands were also displayed, showing her perfect manicure without a chip in sight.

After seeing the photos, one of the jurors had a question for Officer Cobbett. They wanted to know about Devault's demeanor during her exam at the hospital.

"She was more calm, a lot more calm," Cobbett said.

Testimony continues Tuesday morning.




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