Mario Edward Garnett update: Surveillance video released of Phoenix bank robbery suspect

PHOENIX - Phoenix police have released the surveillance video of a bank robbery that ended with a shootout between police and the suspected bank robber.

They've also released a 911 call from a witness that watched the whole thing unfold.

The caller told 911 dispatchers that he saw a man, who has since been identified as Mario Edward Garnett, enter the bank wearing a bandana around his mouth.

During a press conference Sunday, Phoenix police told the media what witnesses inside the bank told officers exactly what happened. The video supports their claims.

Sergeant James Holmes said Garnett "entered the bank and put some sort of block on the door" to discourage anyone from leaving.

Holmes went on to say that Garnett pulled out a weapon and told employees, "this is a robbery."

During the robbery, a customer came in the bank and was instructed to get on the floor along with the other victims.

Police say Garnett instructed the tellers to empty their cash drawers and then demanded money from the bank vault.

When Garnett was near the vault, the customer who'd come into the bank at the time of the robbery, fled through one of the doors.

When Garnett had taken all the money and put it in a bag, he tried to flee the scene.

The witness who called 911 is heard saying he could see Garnett running out of the bank.

"They're shooting, they're in a shootout ... the guy pulled a gun and started shooting at the officer."

He's then heard telling the dispatcher that Garnett was shot and went down.

Garnett is the same man, who the FBI believes, robbed banks in Atlanta and Tupelo, Miss, and shot two Mississippi officers, killing one of them.

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