Valley millionaire in Phoenix police custody accused of two new murder conspiracy cases

PHOENIX - A 75-year-old man in Phoenix police custody for conspiracy to commit murder is now accused in a second murder conspiracy case.

Millionaire Fred Knadler was arrested by homicide detectives in January 2012 after police say he conspired to pay one of his employees to kill his wife, the employee talked exclusively to ABC15.

Knadler owns Valley-based Arizona Shower Door.

The wrong-doing didn't stop in 2012, however, according to Phoenix Sgt. Steve Martos.

In January, Martos said homicide detectives became aware of an additional murder conspiracy involving Knadler

Patrick King, Knadler's former employee, told ABC15 he is the man who Knadler wanted to hire to kill his wife Libby.

King said Knadler's wife wanted a divorce, but Knadler felt it would be too costly.

"I knew this was going to happen.  I had a feeling; I saw it coming, so I taped him.  [I] couldn't believe it.  I was shaking," said King when describing the 2012 situation to ABC15.

According to Martos, Knadler asked for assistance to find someone to kill witnesses in the previous conspiracy case from January 2012.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, an undercover detective met with Knadler, who allegedly offered to pay the detective $10,000 to have both victims killed.

The undercover detective, according to Martos, met and discussed the offer inside the Lower Buckeye Jail where Knadler is currently being held on the previous charges.

King and investigators confirm to ABC15 the intended targets in the new allegation against Knadler where Patrick King and Knadler's wife, Libby.

Martos said Knadler has been indicted on two additional counts of conspiracy to commit murder.

Knadler remains in custody and is being held on a cash bond.

A spokesperson for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office told ABC15 that Knadler is still housed among the general jail population and has not been isolated based on these new charges.

When asked if detectives thought it was possible Knadler would try a third attempt at hiring a hitman from behind bars, Martos said, "absolutely."

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