Major Offenders Unit remembers fallen comrade, Det. John Hobbs

PHOENIX - Members of the Major Offenders Unit with the Phoenix Police Department spoke for the first time as a group about their fallen comrade during an emotional press conference at police headquarters on Thursday.

"I think he embodied everything it is to be a police officer and what that badge stands for,” said Sgt. Bob Knapp, “and he upheld that… until the day he died.”

Det. John Hobbs was described as a man who treated every day like it was his first day on the job.

Hobbs was shot and killed while taking a suspect into custody in West Phoenix earlier this week.

"He'd come to work an hour early every day, so he can get his workout in, so he can be ready for shift,” said Sgt. Doug McBride.

And as evidenced by his heroic act on Monday, he would do anything to protect citizens in the Valley.

"There's no way that man was going to stand by and let that knucklehead take somebody hostage or shoot somebody else,” said Det. Cory Geffre. “What he did there is he stood there and he died fighting.”

The unit was established in 2007 and Hobbs was one of the first officers to join the unit.

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