Lots of crashes on wet Valley roads during record breaking storm

PHOENIX - Rain turned Valley roads into dangerous places Saturday.

Car accidents across the area sent several people to the hospital. One of the worst wrecks was a two-car collision near Ellsworth Road and Queen Creek.

The fire department says one of the drivers lost control of their vehicle, and swerved into the on-coming lane before colliding with another car.

Five people were taken to the hospital, three of them with life-threatening injuries.

"The roads have been pretty crazy," experienced Arizona driver Harrison King said. People don't seem to be able to handle the new weather and it's been pretty ridiculous driving; many near accidents going on."

King and others blamed the state's typical lack of weather for leaving many behind the wheel too inexperienced to adequately handle the climate changes.

"It's been really wet," 18-year-old driver Erin Sheffield said. "There are a few puddles. I've hydroplaned a few times."

Officials always advise drivers to be extra careful on rainy days. They say putting 3 to 5 seconds of stopping distance between you and the car in front of you gives you a much better chance of avoiding an accident.

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