Lifetime movie, 'Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret,' follows prosecutor's timeline of events

PHOENIX - Some of the courtroom dialogue in the Lifetime made-for-TV movie, " Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret " is word-for-word what was actually said during the murder trial.

"Were you crying when you were stabbing him," asked Tony Plana, the actor playing Prosecutor Juan Martinez.

Jurors did not believe Arias' story that the man she killed was a secret pedophile who abused her; neither did the producers.

Even though most of the news coverage revolved around the five month trial, the courtroom scenes only make up about five minutes of the movie.

Most of the film revolves around the steamy, sordid love affair between Arias and the man she is convicted of murdering, Travis Alexander.

The movie is scheduled to air June 22.

Tania Raymonde, who played Alex Rousseau on ABC's "Lost," is playing the leading role of Jodi Arias and Jesse Lee Soffer from Fox's "The Mob Doctor" stars as Travis Alexander.


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