Last minute Mother's Day ideas

PHOENIX - Mother's Day is about a week away. Have you picked out the perfect gift or dinner plan?

If not, Sarah Hubbell from Emma Magazine stopped by ABC15 Mornings to offer some helpful and beautiful suggestions.

Mother's Day DIY Teacup Candle


old candle 

wicks (found at Michael's) 

chopsticks or barbecue skewers

tea cup




  1. Melt old candle in pot over low to medium heat.
  2. Hang wick in center of tea cup and hold in place with skewers.
  3. Once candle has melted into a liquid, pour using funnel into tea cup.
  4. Allow to dry. The top of the candle may be become concave, so add more of the liquid wax to the top to achieve a smooth, even surface.

These candles were made by craft blogger, Chicks Who Give a Hoot .

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