Kronuts in Phoenix: Hybrid treat makes debut at Karl's Quality Bakery

PHOENIX - A New York culinary sensation is making its way to Phoenix, and already drawing big attention from locals.

At Karl's Quality Bakery at Dunlap and 7th Avenue, they call them "Kronuts" -- a cross between a doughnut and a croissant.

Karl Boerner's daughter, Christine, tells ABC15 a friend told them about long lines outside a New York bakery where a chef created what he dubbed a "Cronut".

Christine says their Kronuts are different because they are fried like doughnuts.

"They look like doughnuts, but they're fluffier," she explained.

While the hybrid treat is drawing in new customers looking to get in on the ground floor, Karl's offers many other specialty baked goods, like tarts, cupcakes and designer cakes.

But for now, the Kronut is king.


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