Kids are mistaking detergent pods for candy and it's causing serious injuries and even death

PHOENIX - Kids are mistaking brightly colored detergent pods for candy, and the mistake can be deadly.

The Center for Disease Control released some alarming statistics. In a 30-day period they received nearly 500 cases of detergent pod poisonings, that's more than 16 a day.

Just recently, Nadia Silva's 18-month-old daughter bit into a pod thinking it was something sweet to eat.

"It kind of exploded in her mouth and all down her face. She started screaming instantly. Within 10 minutes the vomiting occurred," said Silva.

Silva called 911 and they transferred her daughter to Banner Good Samaritan's Poison Center.

Doctors say these types of calls are on the rise.

"Since March, we've had about 62 kids ingest these pods, about half of them had to be admitted to a health care facility," said Dr. Frank LoVecchio, a toxicologist with Banner's Poison Control Center.

LoVecchio said the detergent pods are causing some serious injuries, and in some cases, death.

"These things can break in your mouth and cause a burn to your mouth which can lead to airway problems and breathing problems," said LoVecchio.

ABC News reported Proctor and Gamble started repackaging the detergent pods in a double latch lid, but also reported the company never recalled the old pull apart packages.

Those packages are still being sold, and it's that type of packaging Silva's daughter quickly figured out.

"She was able to pull it open very easily. All they need is their two front teeth on there and boom," said Silva.

Until changes are made, doctors say it is up to parents to keep the pods locked up and out of reach.

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