Jodi Arias verdict: What life will be like behind bars for Jodi Arias

PHOENIX - What will life be like for Jodi Arias in a maximum security prison?

Experts say whether she gets a life sentence or the death penalty, her life behind bars will basically be the same.

"She is going to spend a lot of time alone," said Barrett Marson who was the Communications Director for the Department of Corrections for three years before starting his own public relations firm, Marson Media.

Marson said she will be in the maximum security wing of the Perryville State Prison in the west Valley. Arias will be in a cell that is six feet by eight feet tall with a toilet, shelf and bed. A place she will be by herself 23 hours a day.

Arias, like the other 132 maximum security female inmates, will be shackled and walked by armed guards to a small fenced-in area for an hour of outdoor activity, six days a week.

She will eat in her cell alone, three square meals a day with a rotating menu, but will also be able to buy things like candy, chips and soda at the prison canteen. "It's okay food," said Marson. "I've had it. It's not going to get a lot of stars, but it will pass."

Arias will not be allowed to touch other inmates or visitors and won't be allowed to use social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. Marson said Arias will be well-known by the prison population by the time she arrives.

Her connection to the outside world will be a TV, which she can buy from the prison, and a small shoebox-sized window to see outside.

"These people have nothing to lose so you don't want to give them any chances," said Marson.

The sentencing phase is expected to begin at 1 p.m. Thursday

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