Jodi Arias verdict: Valley woman shares what life is like inside the Perryville complex

A Valley woman shares her first hand experience of what life is like inside the prison where Jodi Arias will likely wind up.

Maggie Kerin spent seven months in maximum security at the Perryville complex in Buckeye. She served a total of three years for a narcotics charge. She was moved to maximum because she brought in a cellphone from the outside.

"It is really boring, there is nothing to do but just lay there sometimes 23 hours," she said. "All you can do is read and if they are short staffed, you may not get your recreation time or be able to go to the library."

Kerin said they would often see death row or high profile inmates but did not have direct contact with them.

She said other inmates would often taunt those inmates.  

"They have nothing to lose and sometimes the guards would let it go," she said. "If Arias has an attitude or they will be like 'Who do you think you are?'"

Kerin said she knew how difficult it was for the inmates who knew they were never getting out.

She said there were inmates who killed themselves while she was in.

For those who are there for the long haul she said the only thing they can focus on is trying to get through.

"They have to live with what they did," she said. "Hopefully they find some way to eventually forgive themselves."

Kerin was released from prison in 2011. She tells ABC15 that she is currently looking for work and is determined to keep her life going in the right direction.

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