Jodi Arias sentencing: What happens now that jury deadlocked?

PHOENIX - The jury in Jodi Arias' trial was dismissed Thursday after failing to reach a unanimous decision on whether the woman they convicted of murdering her one-time boyfriend should be sentenced to life or death in a case that has captured headlines worldwide with its sex, lies, violence.

Jurors began deliberating Arias' sentence Tuesday and first reported they had failed to reach a unanimous decision the next day. Stephens instructed them to keep trying.

On Thursday afternoon, they announced that they could not come to a decision about imposing the death penalty.

So, now that the jury has deadlocked, what happens next?

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office will now have to decide whether to seat a brand new jury to re-try the penalty phase, or opt not to, putting sentencing in the hands of Judge Stephens but simultaneously taking death off the table.

A potential new jury would have to be interviewed to weed out anyone opposed to the death penalty because of religious or personal philosophy.

During Thursday's proceedings, Stephens said a retrial of the penalty phase has been set for July 18. A status conference regarding re-sentencing has been set for June 20.

A legal source told ABC15 if a re-trial of the penalty phase is necessary, that could provide the Arias defense team with the opportunity they have been seeking to be relieved from their role as her counsel.

If that were to occur, a new defense attorney would have to be appointed, and that person would need potentially months to get caught up on the case.

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