Jodi Arias verdict: Fred Goldman gives insight on Jodi Arias trial, family never gets closure

PHOENIX - Watching the Jodi Arias trial brings back feelings all too familiar for Fred Goldman.

"It's very reminiscent of my son's trial. The feeling Travis Alexander's family is going through is exactly what we went through. When it's all done, you feel victimized again," Goldman said.

Nearly two decades have passed since O.J. Simpson was found not guilty in the murder of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. The time has given Goldman a lot of time to think about the outcome, but more importantly about his son.

"I meet people his age and I immediately think in terms of my son would be that age. Or see families with kids and know that that could have been my son. The successes he could have had in his life. All of those things are gone and it will be the same for Travis's family," Goldman said.

Goldman believes that in high profile cases such as his son's and Arias's, the most important person is the victim; Someone he feels is usually ignored.

"You develop a kind way to live with what is going on. In terms of what you feel when it's over, I know what we felt. We felt victimized all over again. I hope for them that they get the kind of verdict that they should have," Goldman said.

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