Jodi Arias trial: Valley man arrested for DUI tells officer he's on jury; 5 days later he's excused

PHOENIX - A local Valley police department confirms to ABC15 that a man arrested over the weekend on a DUI charge was also claiming to be a juror in the Jodi Arias trial .

The arrest happened on Saturday and it was at that time the suspect told the officer he was a member of the jury.

On Tuesday, the arresting officer was called into a "sealed proceeding" with the judge, the prosecutor and the defense attorneys, the police spokesperson said.

What was discussed in the secret meeting is confidential.

Two days later, juror #8 was dismissed and the judge gave no reason.

Since the topics discussed during the officer's testimony are sealed, police said there is no way they can confirm that the man arrested for DUI is indeed juror #8.

On Thursday night, ABC15 attempted to reach the man who was arrested, but was unsuccessful.

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