Jodi Arias trial update: Arias' parents' interrogation tapes released

PHOENIX - More of the videotaped police interviews with the parents of accused murderer Jodi Arias have been released.

The police interviews took place in Yreka, CA with Mesa Police Homicide Detective Estaban Flores, just after Arias was arrested for killing her former boyfriend Travis Alexander.

In the July 2008 taped interview, Arias' father, William Arias tells Flores, "She was a strange person … after she left the house; she just kind of got a little strange."

Arias' father goes on to describe altercations between Jodi and her mother Sandy, "Sometimes she'd call real sweet, and 10 minutes later, she'd call in a rage, you know, just screaming at my wife. She did that over the last year and a half."

William Arias told police he once asked Jodi if she was bipolar and she lost it and went into a rage.

Detective Flores also interviewed Arias' mother Sandra.

Sandra Arias told Flores, "Feel like I'm going to puke" after hearing how her daughter was accused of killing Alexander.

Arias' mother said she went to Utah (after killing Alexander) but had come back acting fine.

"How could somebody ... you say she did this ... how could she come back and just be normal?" sobbed Sandra.

Arias' mother told police she confronted her after hearing that Alexander had been murdered.

"I said did you go to Arizona and she said no I was nowhere near Arizona and I have gas receipts to prove it... And that's all she would say." Sandra explained.

She then went on to describe a very volatile daughter: "Jodi has mental problems. Jodi would freak out all the time."

Sandra told Flores her daughter's friends warned her Arias needed professional help.

"I had quite a few of her friends call me and tell me that I needed to get her some help. One called me in the middle of the night and told me that she needed help," said Sandra Arias.

She went on to say that one friend had even called a bipolar hotline to help her.

In court, Jodi Arias testified she was abused by her parents. 

Ironically, Arias mother brings up Arias' perception of her childhood, "I told Jodi you got this fantasy in your head that you had a rotten childhood and that we searched your room all the time and did all this stuff and we didn't."

Sandra Arias explains to Detective Flores that Jodi Arias has trust issues and thought they would snoop, then admits they searched her room once in the 8th grade after they found her growing pot.

Arias' parents say they called police on her to teach her a lesson.

Arias' mother has sat in court every day since Jan. 2 supporting her daughter, even wearing a purple ribbon signifying domestic abuse.

In 2010, Arias changed her story for a third time and admitted to killing Alexander in self-defense after he attacked her.

But the prosecution says Arias stabbed Alexander 27 times, slashed his throat and shot him in a jealous rage.

If convicted of 1st degree murder, Arias could be Arizona's fourth woman on death row.

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