Jodi Arias trial: Testimony moving toward day of Travis Alexander's murder

PHOENIX - The Jodi Arias murder trial is back in session Tuesday and we could hear the most explosive details yet about how she allegedly killed her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

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Arias, 32, admits killing Alexander, but in self-defense.

Since she's been on the witness stand, Arias has told the jury Alexander used her, but at first she couldn't say no to his advances.

"Eventually I did, I probably would have just let him keep going but it became too painful. After he left, I didn't feel very good, I kinda felt like a used piece of toilet paper," Arias testified.

She dropped a bombshell on the fourth day of testimony, saying Alexander was a secret pedophile, even catching him with pictures of boys.

We've also heard intimate sex tapes of the two.

Arias claims Alexander was an abuser, obsessed with sex. But in one tape, she seems to like what he has to offer.

"I don't know I would really want to marry a return missionary or like you, somebody who could be freaky," Arias said in a recording played in court.

Tuesday, Arias was expected to begin testifying about the days leading up to the murder.

The prosecution is now waiting to cross examine Arias, after the explosive accusations about her former lover.

If convicted of first-degree murder, Arias faces the death penalty.


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