Jodi Arias trial: Utah man testifies Arizona woman had 'cuts on hands' after killing

PHOENIX - Day four of the Jodi Arias murder trial had compelling testimony from the man Arias visited after killing Travis Alexander.

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Ryan Burns said he met Arias at a Prepaid Legal Service conference in 2008.

Burns described Arias as shy in large groups, but funny and personable one-on-one.

The two began talking by phone, along with text and instant messaging.

Burns told the jury that Arias drove 12 hours through the night to see him in Utah in June 2008, but arrived 24 hours late, which was the day after Arias' boyfriend Travis Alexander was brutally stabbed 27 times.

Arias now admits she killed Alexander, but says says she was forced to do it in self defense.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez asked Burns if Arias seemed upset about anything and he replied 'no'.

Burns went on to detail their afternoon together which included a makeout session before taking a nap.

Burns: "I don't know how long we were sleeping the second we woke up we were kissing."

Prosecutor: "And what else happened?"

Burns: "Umm, she got on top of me pretty aggressively and we were kissing."

Prosecutor: "When she got on top of you pretty aggressively where was her genital area compared to yours?"

Burns:  "She was right on top of me."

Martinez then asked Burns if he had assessed Arias' strength from their encounter.

"I complimented her on her feistiness," Burns said. "She is stronger than she looks."

Martinez also asked Burns if he recalled Arias being pulled over in Utah.

Burns said she was pulled over for having her rear license plate upside down. When Burns asked Arias about it, she told him kids had taken off her front license plate and must have turned her rear license plate upside down.

Martinez also asked Burns if Arias ever spoke to him about her break up with Alexander.

Burns said not much, but admitted that she had written about it.

Martinez then had Burns read an excerpt from their instant messaging.

In it, Arias wrote to Burns about reading Alexander's messages from another girl while he slept.

"She (the other woman) asked him what time it was, I decided to text her back 'time to go cuddle with Jodi, good night.'

I wanted to tell her, but that would have caused a lot of drama and unnecessary pain. But I felt so bad, this time I was the 'other girl.'

"Then I deleted the message, went to sleep and never mentioned it to him."

Burns also recalled that Arias had cuts on her hands.

When Burns asked Arias about the cuts, she told him she broke a glass while working at Margaritaville and cut her hands.

Under cross examination from the defense attorney Kirk Nurmi, Burns admitted the two had messages similar to phone sex.

Nurmi asked if he recalled if Arias ever bad mouthed Alexander and Burns said no, only that Alexander had cheated on her.

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