Jodi Arias trial: Man claims he can see others in Travis Alexander's eye reflection before killing

Jodi Arias claims she killed Travis Alexander in self defense. 

Arias faces the death penalty if convicted and the trial has gained national attention.

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There are websites and blogs dedicated to the trial and Arias.

Now, a Nebraska man says he spotted something nobody else has noticed in one of the photos taken of Alexander moments before he was killed.

HJ Blankenship posted a couple YouTube videos claiming he sees two people with Arias in Alexander's eye.

Specifically, Blankenship says he sees the trio in the reflection coming from Alexander's eyeball as he stood in the shower.

"I am convinced she had somebody there, there were two other people there," said Blankenship in an interview with ABC15.

Far-fetched? Fact? Fiction? A big imagination?  What do you think?

Take a look for yourself in the YouTube video below:



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