Jodi Arias live video: Trial canceled Wednesday, will resume Thursday

PHOENIX - The Jodi Arias trial was canceled unexpectedly Wednesday and will reportedly resume at 9:30 a.m. Thursday.

ABC15 learned it was canceled around 11:15 a.m. without word yet on why.

"The court will NOT disclose the reason for continuation," said Karen Arra, a spokesperson for Maricopa County Superior Court.

ABC15's Maryellen Resendez said prosecutor Juan Martinez left the courtroom out of a side door with the family of victim Travis Alexander.

Arias appeared in court earlier Wednesday when a motion was heard to keep court costs from being released to the media.

Last week, ABC15 first reported taxpayers could end up spending more than $1 million to defend Arias in her lengthy murder trial.

Arias' defense team is arguing any further release of court costs could hinder Arias from receiving a fair trial.

Arias faces a possible death sentence if convicted of first-degree murder in the 2008 killing of Alexander in his Mesa home.

Defense Attorney Kirk Nurmi wrote in his motion, "access to these records would provide insight into the thoughts and/or actions of the defense counsel."

But Attorney David Bodney representing both ABC and CNN, told Judge Joseph Welty the media has no intentions of requesting numbers that would reveal the defense team's strategy.

Nurmi also argued further release of court costs could affect Arias' penalty phase if she is found guilty.

Nurmi made most of his arguments behind closed doors in Judge Welty's chambers citing it would violate attorney –client privileges.

Psychotherapist Alyce LaViolette spent much of Tuesday testifying about how most victims of such abuse don't report it and rarely tell anyone because they feel ashamed and humiliated.

The defense witness is expected to resume testimony Thursday morning.

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