Jodi Arias trial fanatics have watch party at bar

PHOENIX - More than 40 people showed up to the courthouse Friday hoping to get a seat to watch the Jodi Arias trial. However, only one person from the public made it inside.

Afterwards, a group of people who got turned away went to a nearby bar to watch the trial.

"In the courtroom, it's quiet you gotta keep a straight face, you can't say anything, it's very structured there. In here, it's a completely different atmosphere. It's more relaxed. You get to talk and eat," said Tiffany Sarmiento.

Sarmiento said the bar atmosphere allowed the trial watchers to share their thoughts in real time as they watch the case wind down.

"It's interesting to see everybody's opinion and their dynamic on it. To be able to express our own opinions are to each other and debate it. We debate it with each other as well so it gets interesting. We all have our own little views on it," said Sarmiento.

Views formed by a new group of friends, all strangers just a few months ago, but bonded by a desire to see how justice plays out.

"When I first came down here my husband doesn't really understand but when I came home the first day I was like oh my gosh there's people like me down there and we have such a great group of friends now," said Suzy Kuperschmidt.

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