Jodi Arias trial: Arias spends 6th day on the witness stand assaulting Alexander's character

PHOENIX - Accused Murder Jodi Arias' defense team continued their assault on her victim Travis Alexander's character Wednesday afternoon.

For her sixth day on the witness stand, Arias listed out fight after fight as the arguments escalated between her and Alexander.

One big blow out happening as she was driving off in a U-haul truck on her move back to California.

"He turned around and flipped me the double bird and turned around and shut the doors." said Arias.

Arias told jurors she knew the relationship was boiling over.

"I knew it was unhealthy, but I wasn't making healthy choices."  testified Arias.

Even though Arias claims Alexander emotionally, sexually and physically abused her, she said Arias couldn't get enough of Alexander.

Arias also said she would desperately keep Alexander on the phone with sex, and referred to her nearly hour and a half long sex tape that played for Jurors on Tuesday.

"He was very nice to me, he was complimentary, he'd say nice things, even when they were very explicit they were still complimentary toward me. There were times when he was very mean, and then he would be nice and I craved the nice from him."

Even with the arguments escalating, Arias said they continued to have sex even though Alexander was dating other women by the Spring of 2008.

"I felt really bad because I knew what it was like when I found out he was seeing a bunch of girls on the side while I was his girlfriend, and now he had a girlfriend and I was one of the girls he was seeing on the side, that his girlfriend didn't know about." testified Arias.

Arias testified earlier this week she never called police or went to the doctor for alleged injuries from the abuse.  So there's no documented evidence Alexander abused her.

Testimony will continue on Thursday. Arias is expected to reveal what happened they day she stabbed Alexander 27 times, slit his throat and shot him.

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