Jodi Arias trial: Arias reportedly said she was pregnant, miscarried

PHOENIX - The whispers are coming from behind bars and Jodi Arias herself is saying she was pregnant and miscarried before Travis Alexander was murdered. 

None of this was discussed as part of the case. In fact, news broke late Wednesday afternoon of the pregnancy and miscarriage claims.

It's all part of an article in the National Enquirer, which is out this week, and claims Jodi said she was devastated when she told Travis about the pregnancy and his reaction was very cold-hearted.  

According to Senior Editor, Mike Walker, Jodi says it felt like Travis stabbed her in the heart. She didn't say how she lost the baby, or provide any other details for that matter. 

Walker also said Wednesday on CNN Headline News that Jodi truly believes she will be acquitted of murder and is even making plans when she gets out of jail.

Arias faces a possible death sentence if convicted of first-degree murder in the June 2008 killing of Travis Alexander in his suburban Phoenix home.

"She has a lesbian lover, we're told, and she wants to live with that woman when she gets out of jail and she wants to have a baby. Jodi has already lined up a male friend, someone who has visited her at the jail, who has agreed to impregnate her when she gets out. Not if she gets out, when she gets out," says Mike Walker.

Maybe you've seen the video of Jodi scribbling on a yellow notepad during the trial. According to Walker, Jodi says she's taking notes for a tell-all book she plans to cash in on when she gets out of jail. 

We spoke with court watchers who told us they just recently learned of these new allegations and don't believe Jodi was ever pregnant. They say it's just another one of her many lies.

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