Jodi Arias federal court filing fake? Several discrepancies found in restraining order

PHOENIX - A court filing targeting Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is creating quite a buzz and many questions with it.

The complaint, apparently from convicted killer Jodi Arias, is now under intense scrutiny, with Arias’ team claiming they have nothing to do with the filing.

The document, not even a page and a half, is filled with accusations of mistreatment and conspiracies, alleging that Arias was denied medical treatment after one of her breast implants broke, was infected with hepatitis C and is video monitored while she uses the restroom.

The courts accepted it, but new questions are being raised about whether or not the filing actually came from Arias.

"I really question whether it's something Jodi Arias filed," said Jason Lamm, a criminal defense attorney not connected to the case.

ABC15 asked him to look at the documents Arias allegedly filed and signed.

We showed him the signature from court paperwork during her murder trial along with the signature on the filing.

“The (signatures) look quite different, then there's of course logistical issues. How does the document get into jail for her signature?" Lamm questioned.

And, if you look below the signature on the filing, the address lists the Fourth Avenue Jail. Problem is, that's not her home -- she's in the county's Estrella Jail.

And the envelope it arrived in to federal court, apparently came from an inmate at a Pennsylvania prison. But the inmate's name and number do not match prison records.

“Procedurally, anybody can go to federal court and file a document once you pay the fee. But the clerk did stamp the document to say it didn't comply with the rules of procedure," Lamm noted.

That's another question, according to a federal court spokesperson, is this action requires a $400 filing fee. What the courts could not answer is, was it paid? And if so, who paid it?

Arias' attorney, Jennifer Willmott has told various new agencies neither she nor Arias have anything to do with the filing.

What about the inmate that was listed on the filing? The person who allegedly sent this in?

Its listed as Christopher Alexander.

Some reports identify him as a cousin to Travis Alexander, the man Arias killed.

ABC15 has not confirmed that, but can tell you every inmate has a number.

So is this the work of a scammer? We just don't know.

Regardless, according to these official court documents, the case has been assigned to a judge and legal staff.

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