Jodi Arias update: ABC15 obtains juror questions not asked in court

PHOENIX - ABC15 has obtained some of the juror questions you did not hear in the Jodi Arias trial .

The judge had sealed them until Thursday.

Jurors asked Arias more than 200 questions when she testified in her murder trial. But for the first time, we're getting a look at a handful of questions the jury wanted to know but the judge did not allow .

"It was brought up earlier in the trial that you had breast enhancement done while living in the house with Darrell. Can you explain why you did this given the financial straits you and Darrell were experiencing?" asked one juror.

"What pets did you have as a child? Did you ever intentionally hurt a pet or animal?" was another question not asked in court.

Another juror did not hold back asking, "Considering all of the lies you've told and admitted to, would you consider yourself to be a pathological liar?"

The judge also unsealed documents showing the difficulties the jury had in the penalty phase. The foreman noted "After long and careful deliberation, we are unable to reach a unanimous decision."

The judge has still not released transcripts about why she dismissed three jurors during the trial. Documents about death threats made during the case have also not been made available.

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