Javelinas seen running across campus at Phoenix elementary school

PHOENIX - When Marueen Fyan, principal at St. Theresa Catholic School, saw a 60-pound javelina running towards her, she did the unexpected.

"You know how they say white people can't jump?," said Fyan.  "Well, I jumped!"

And if you're unfamiliar with what a javelina looks like, Fyan describes them pretty well.

 "Something with hair that struck straight out and that's having a bad hair day with a big long snout," said Fyan.

Fyan was in the school's parking lot when officials with the Arizona Game and Fish arrived on scene to try to catch not one, but three roaming javelinas.

"They are fast!" said Fyan.

The javelinas were first spotted on school grounds at 8 a.m.  The school then notified parents and students that the school would be locked down.

"It was unusual. I thought they may have escaped from the zoo or something," said Roseanne Collins, a parent of one of the students.

Her son Michael added, "I was thinking there was someone running around with a gun or someone scary. But then they told us they were javelinas, so it was definitely surprising."

And the javelinas weren't easy to take down.

"The drug (they used to sedate the javelinas) took a little bit to take effect," said Mesa Game and Fish's Darren Julian.  "It took about two minutes for the drug to knock it down.

They were eventually rounded up shortly after 11 a.m. and taken to Southwest Wildlife, where they will be joined by other captured javelinas.

"You know, (the javelina)  was cute," said Fyan. "But at the same time, very bad hair day."

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