Jamie Ison battles back after being struck hard by flu

PHOENIX - Not everyone takes the threat of flu seriously, but this year's strain is taking its toll on even the healthiest of young people.

A 27-year-old personal trainer has been at Phoenix's Good Samaritan Hospital for weeks, trying to recover from the flu.

Jamie Ison was the picture of perfect health, but doctors say he almost didn't survive the virus.

Now he's retraining his body to do the most basic of tasks.

"Just trying to learn how to swallow and walk and talk," Ison said from his hospital room on Saturday.

Ison's lost 40 pounds during his month long stay in the hospital.

The virus still has Ison laid up and attached to tubes.

Nurse practitioner Jennifer Wheeler says this strain is attacking young adults, and the symptoms can last for weeks.

"So the normal flu is fever, body aches, things like that," Wheeler said. "This, you're really seeing people get widespread pneumonia through both of their lungs."

Ison has a long way to go. His predicted recovery time is three to six months.

But he's looking forward to getting healthy and back to his normal life. He says it'll be good to get home and see his young daughter.

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