Iraqi family pleads guilty in 'honor beating'

PHOENIX - A tearful victim desperately tried to defend her family members, who are accused of tying her to a bed, beating her and holding a knife to her throat for talking to a boy.

"I want my mom," she told the judge. "I want to be with my family."

Police reports alleged that the 19-year-old Iraqi's mother, father, and younger sister all participated in the beatings. 

Her mother was arrested a back in February. Her father and sister were arrested shortly after when police learned of a second incident where the victim was burned with a hot spoon for refusing to agree to an arranged marriage.

All three originally pleaded "not guilty" in the case. The family told ABC15 in an interview shortly after the mother's arrest that the story from police was exaggerated, and was never as serious as it was detailed in police reports.

On Friday, the victim's mother changed her plea to guilty for unlawful imprisonment. The father and sister also pleaded guilty to assault and misconduct charges.

The victim begged the judge to allow her to speak. He informed her she would have an opportunity to address the court at sentencing, which is scheduled for November 6.

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