Investigator reacts to courtroom death of Michael Marin

PHOENIX - Days after a bizarre courtroom death in the Valley, the lead investigator on the case is talking about what he saw.

Michael Marin collapsed moments after being convicted of arson.

Initially, Captain Jeff Peabody thought Marin was emotionally reacting to the charges against him. Peabody told us Marin had been stone-faced during the 6 week trial. But, seconds later, he realized that wasn't the case.

"I started evaluating him. He started coughing up some green liquid. I knew this was not a seizure at this point," Peabody told us.

Courtroom video shows Marin moments before he collapses onto the courtroom floor. It appears he puts something in his mouth after the verdict is read. Then, Peabody says he started hearing what sounded like a deep, hoarse cough. That's when he asked the judge if he could approach Marin to help. Peabody says his pulse was weak, his breathing was shallow.

"It was kind of a quiet… yet lost atmosphere with people in the courtroom. It was a horrific event for those people to witness this live and with Mr. Marin with no regard to his family or friends, doing that right in front of them, extremely shocking. The timing was impeccable," says Peabody.

Peabody had been investigating this case since July of 2009 and he says he can't say he was surprised Marin did this.

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