Phoenix industrial fire update: 911 calls released in massive fire along Interstate 10

PHOENIX - Police have released the frantic 911 calls made as a massive fire gutted an industrial park in Phoenix.

Emergency dispatch received a steady stream of callers on February 20 who could spot the thick smoke and flames from even miles away.

"It’s a big fire, industrial fire," said one caller.

"I think I’m seeing burning down there," described another passerby.

Among the voices on 911 recordings is an employee calling from Mega Metals after he says their crew sparked the fire.

"It's on fire, our titanium, we were welding and it's on fire," he said.

You can hear the worker out of breath as he runs to safety alerting others around him.

"Hey, we gotta go, come on,” he yells before turning his attention back to the dispatch operator, “Alright we just evacuated the building the fire just got out of control."

The worker explains that the building also houses chemicals and propane, which firefighters said fueled several explosions.

The fire ate through three buildings in just 20 minutes but it took firefighters two hours to tame the fireball and reduce it to smoldering ash.

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