Immigration attorneys attack Governor Jan Brewer's order to bar IDs, benefits for DREAMers

PHOENIX - Governor Jan Brewer released an executive order Wednesday stating that young people who successfully apply for "Deferred Action" will not be able to get public benefits like a driver's license, unemployment benefits or subsidized child care.

Immigration attorneys wasted no time calling Brewer's executive order out of line and against federal and state laws.

"I don't think they understand," said attorney Regina Jefferies. "As an immigration attorney, it's hard to wrap your head around."

"It's no different than what is happening in the state now," Brewer said at a press conference Wednesday.

But immigration attorneys point to the state's own language which they said shows people allowed to live here under deferred status cannot be denied those benefits.

They encourage DREAMers to go ahead and apply for Deferred Action because they are sure the Governor's actions will be challenged in court.

They say the only sure losers will be Arizona taxpayers who will have to foot the bill for upcoming lawsuits.

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