Immigration 2013: Valley activist disappointed in reform plan

PHOENIX - Details surrounding President Obama's immigration reform plan has grassroots organizer Salvador Reza disappointed.

A draft of the proposal obtained by USA Today says the plan would allow illegal immigrants to obtain green cards within eight years, increase border patrol funding, and expand an E-Verify system so employers can screen for illegal immigrants.

"They're going to be haggling back and forth for a long time and they're not going to come up with anything. In reality what they're saying is that no one can get to a path of U.S. citizenship until 12 or 13 years," said Reza.

Reza has been vocal over the years, fighting for immigrants to gain citizenship in the United States. Although he feels the President's proposal is a step in the right direction, he's concerned the steps being made are hurdles rather than solutions.

"If we're going to take care of it, lets take care of it once and for all. Lets get as many people that are qualified to come in, instead of putting a lot of roadblocks."

President Obama said he will work with Congress to make sure the proposal moves forward in a timely fashion.

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