Hundreds gather for pro-gun rally at Arizona State Capitol

PHOENIX - If you wanted to see a show of firepower Saturday, the Arizona State Capitol was where you wanted to be.

Hundreds of 2nd Amendment supporters rallied for their rights to own pistols, shotguns and rifles. And they weren't afraid to show them off.

It was a warning to government in Washington to keep all hands off of their guns.

After the numerous and tragic mass shootings, new gun control laws are being proposed.

Gun owners here said they don't need them.

Couples holding hands, families out for a day with the kids, good friends cracking jokes; it was a typical gathering at the state capitol, with the exception of a few hundred guns.

"This is the American musket of today," said participant Steven Sapp.

I couldn't help but notice Sapp's granddaughters little Jasmine and her sister Lillie among all the men and women at the rally.

"I like to shoot outside where it's pretty, and I like to shoot the bushes," said Jasmine.

The 6-year-olds showed off their pink BB guns to me like most young girls would show their Barbies.

Jasmine and Lillie's mother and grandfather, Steven Sapp, brought them to the heavily armed rally.

"It's loaded," Jasmine said.

"I told them if Obama had his way, he would take those pink BB guns away from them," Sapp said.

The girls' grandfather said he believes all children should be educated on guns, if only to prevent accidents with them in the future.

Mass shootings, like the murder of students at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, have the country looking for a way to stop them.

"The problem is, when a crazy person goes to get a gun, it's way too late," said Jacqueline Janes. "They've already gone crazy. They've already got a plan. What we need to do is take it all the way to the mental care."

Many ABC15 viewers are going back and forth on the issue Saturday on the ABC15 Facebook page.

"Ridiculous incompetent groups who think their President is taking their guns away. Go find a real cause to picket for. Or maybe go feed the homeless," wrote viewer Bryce Deeney.

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