Valley firefighters' new way to help protect children in cars

PHOENIX - Car crashes are the number one killer of children in Arizona and now Valley firefighters are taking action.

Firefighters are asking for your help to protect kids, by looking out for children who aren't buckled up; and when you see something, pick up your phone.

The number is 1-800-505-BABY (2229), and when you call they'll ask you for the license plate number and where the child was in the car.

The city will send a letter to the parent, notifying them of the law to make sure they know all children under five must be buckled up.

According to the Phoenix Fire Department, four out of every five child car seats are installed incorrectly, and one out of three kids aren't using the right restraint for their age and size, which is why they are getting hurt in these accidents.

One of the biggest problems is that car seats aren't on tight enough. Also, winter jackets mixed with car seats can be dangerous, because a lot of times those big, puffy coats won't let you tighten down the straps all the way.

The best advice is to buckle your kids in first, then put the jacket on backwards.

There are so many other things parents can do, including taking classes.

Find out more by visiting the Department of Public Health website and's 8 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid .

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