How will SB1062 impact Arizona?

PHOENIX - All eyes are on Arizona as we wait to see how our governor will respond to SB 1062. The “Religious Freedom Bill” would allow business owners to deny service to customers solely based on their religious beliefs.

And with major events like Spring Training and the Super Bowl being hosted in Arizona, there’s no denying this bill could have a major impact on the state.

“We have been struggling against a reputation problem here for a number of years,” said Attorney Christine Jones, a conservative candidate for Arizona Governor. “Just as we're starting to get out of it, we're now going to do this to ourselves again. I don’t think that's the right approach.”

Jones is one of many who say the controversial bill will have a negative impact on the state’s growth.

The Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce released a statement saying in part that SB 1062: “stands to damage our reputation nationwide and globally, and significantly harm our fiscal future.”

While many lawmakers are urging Governor Brewer to veto the bill, some governor candidates are in favor of it.

Andrew Thomas, who has announced his interest his campaign for Arizona governor, posted a statement on Facebook urging Governor Brewer to sign S.B. 1062.

Senator Al Melvin feels the same way.
“It’s only right that we would protect the rights of our pastors, as well as our businesses, who do not want to participate in a same sex or gay marriage," he said.

The governor will have five days to make a decision once the bill hits her desk. She vetoed similar legislation last year, but has expressed the right of business owners to deny service.

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