How to keep your pets safe on July 4th

PHOENIX - While the 4th of July can be fun and games for the family, it can mean trouble for animals.

Even if you think your pet will be OK, often times animals will get spooked and act out of character.

Bretta Nelson with the Arizona Humane Society says they often see pets that jump tall fences or dig out of fenced yards when they get scared by loud noises.

Independence Day weekend is overly busy for shelters and animal control every year as all pets have the ability to escape or get lost out of fear.

To keep your pet safe, be sure your dogs and cats are properly ID'd. Keep a collar and tags on them at all times, and make sure they're microchipped if they do happen to go missing.

To ensure your pets do not get lost, keep your pets inside and at home instead of taking them to fireworks displays and festivities.

Keep a TV or radio on in the house to provide your pet a distraction from noises outside.

Remember, don't count on fenced in yards or blocked areas to keep your animals contained. A pet's fight-or-flight response can kick in and get them to act out of character or do things they normally wouldn't be able to do.

If you happen to see a pet lost or in distress, contact the Arizona Humane Society's Emergency Medical Technician at 602-997-7585.


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